Natto Update

I have updated how I eat the natto. I cut out the ginger and other stuff, and settled on something super simple: just sweet potato, tahini, and Redmonds Real Salt. It's pretty bland sans salt but could still work without it. 

Tahini masks the taste of natto fabulously! It not only masks the taste, it's sticky so it masks the spider-web texture of the natto too. Win-win! 

Melissa's Tahini-Natto-Sweet Potato recipe:

15 g Natto
20 g tahini
40 g sweet potato

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 5.45.09 PM.png

Mix together (easier said than done with natto, but once the spider webs calm down, it's good to go). Add sea salt or Real salt if desired. Enjoy! 


Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 5.44.08 PM.png

Note that the Chronometer application (above) uses incomplete nutrition databases, so it is not showing the Vitamin K2 for the natto—I assume it is showing K1.

Natto gives you K2, and this database does not appear to distinguish K2 from K1. "Natto is the highest dietary source of vitamin K2 with a whopping 775 mcg per 100 gram serving." According to this source, 15 g of natto provides 116.25 mcg of Vitamin K2. That's around the recommendable level of K2 per day. (source: 

Nowadays I like to eat the natto with homemade broccoli sprouts. The heavy quality of the natto-tahini-sweet potato is balanced by the light quality of the broccoli sprouts. I usually eat about 50 grams of sprouts. The sprouts add a lot of great nutrition. Note that they do not provide ANY vitamin K2 — the Vitamin K here is Vitamin K1: 

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 5.42.31 PM.png

Personal experience

HTMA Calcium Success: After I started eating natto, I reduced the level of calcium in my hair tissue mineral analysis from Analytical Research Labs (ARL):

5/31/17: calcium level 120 (way over ideal, which is 40. My body was depositing calcium in my hair, and probably arteries and joints, because it was not bio-available). 
12/7/17: calcium level 38 --within ideal range!! 

During the time I brought my hair calcium level down to the proper level, in addition to eating natto, I also brought my Vitamin D level up from 31 to 71 using Vitamin D mushrooms, a Sperti Sun lamp, and outdoor sun exposure.  I can't be sure it was the natto, but I'm impressed I resolved my "calcium shell" condition in 6 months so dramatically, and I think natto played an important part. 

Dental Feedback—Massive Plaque Reduction: Vitamin K2 moves calcium from places it should not be, like arteries and joints, to where it should be -- in the bones. People who take K2 note that it often clears up the plaque on their teeth (you can read that in Amazon reviews of Vitamin K2). 

My dentist was SO AMAZED at my lack of plaque, he commented on it three times at my last visit. "Look at this, Melissa! Look at this — no plaque! Plaque is not your problem, that's for sure!" I knew he would be impressed because I could feel the difference on my teeth, but it was fun to get the feedback. Thanks Dr. Simone! 


Natto increases K2 levels in blood