Invest in You

I invite you to give me a call if you're ever curious about my coaching! I NEVER pressure people. Being honest and straightforward are two of my key personal values, so if you call me and say, "I'm swimming in piles of lost papers," I won't try to convince you that you need coaching – I'll refer you to a personal organizer.

For a truly no-pressure, honest discussion of the kind of coaching I offer, I invite you to give me a call.

Melissa – 847•804•3200

Inner Work, Your Way.

Life coaching is about you. You becoming more clear about what is right for you, in every aspect of your life. That includes our work together. I offer 100% freedom for you to design exactly how you want to work with me.

Want to meet every three weeks for 2 hours?  Want to meet in person some weeks, and by Skype other weeks? Want to schedule a half-hour phone call from time to time? Whatever suits your schedule, budget, and goals, I do my best to make it happen!

How are you able to schedule clients in this way?

I make a clear commitment in time and energy to each person who chooses to work with me. To the best of my ability, I keep my schedule flexible so I’m available to make the discoveries your core Self is longing to unfold. Transformation doesn’t follow a time table. My coaching doesn’t either.

About my practice

I am committed to my own self-transformation because I know the more inner work I do on myself, the better I am at guiding my clients to do their own inner work. I am on a quest to complete 10,000 hours of IFS and other inner work practices. As a result, I maintain a small coaching practice. I’d rather offer flexible coaching to a few people, instead of tightly scheduled appointments back-to-back.

I only work with clients who specifically want to use IFS. If you’re not sure IFS is for you, but are interested, I still invite you to call!

Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance. Coaches do not take insurance; therapists do. If you are looking for someone who takes insurance, you can find IFS practitioners who do here.


I am not offering any workshops in 2019, but if you are interested in learning more about IFS, you can sign up for my newsletter below!

Are you accepting new clients at this time?

As of 8/17/19, I have one space available. When my practice is full, I keep a wait list. Even if I am not accepting new clients, I warmly invite you to call to learn more—I’m happy to help with referrals as well.

Where does coaching take place?

  • In person in Chicago:
    —free street parking
    —30 seconds from the brown line Kedzie el stop!
    —Near Kedzie/Lawrence

  • Phone

  • Skype / FaceTime / Zoom

What are your rates?

My rates are on a sliding scale from $200 - $225 per hour session. You choose what feels right for you along that scale. The scale is NOT based on income, it’s simply based on what feels right for you.

To read my policies, click below.