How many times Do you have difficulty making a decision because one part of you wants one thing, but another part of you wants something else?

“A part of me wants to…another part doesn’t.”

When parts disagree, it’s easy to get stuck.  

• Parts who want to try new things are blocked by parts who fear change.
• Parts who want to get things done are stumped by parts who procrastinate.
• Parts who want to be healthier are undermined by parts with other priorities!

If you’ve tried to control, cajole or criticize your way to inner consensus, you know it’s not the easiest path to dealing with parts of yourself that are at odds with each other. Wouldn’t it be great to find an easier way?

There is an easier way: you can learn how to work directly with the different parts of yourself using a powerful method called Internal Family Systems (IFS).

With over 5,000 hours of training and experience over the past 17 years, I’m an IFS expert. I’ve been a certified practitioner of Internal Family Systems since 2010 (the first year they offered certification). 

My mission is to live, teach and share IFS, because it’s the best method I’ve ever encountered for authentic self-transformation and personal growth. It’s delivered real change for me and my clients—in every aspect of life—from gaining confidence and quieting inner criticism to unraveling longstanding life-diminishing habits, dramatically improving health and wellness, and REVOLUTIONIZING personal and business relationships. It’s also a powerful tool for mindfulness, meditation and spirituality as well.

I’ve seen IFS transform parents, teens, and couples; entrepreneurs, engineers and artists; leaders, teachers and healers. I use it because it works. If you’re looking for a new path because you know that more is possible, you are right.  

I invite you to call me at 847-804-3200 to find out how IFS can transform you.

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