Best Life Coaches
in Chicago

Melissa Sandfort, IFSCP

A Thousand Paths offers practical, mindfulness-based life and business coaching for individuals and couples who want to live profoundly meaningful, richly rewarding, and courageously authentic lives. A Thousand Paths’ approach is holistic, addressing all aspects of personal growth, including:

• self-confidence  • relationships  • meditation  • creativity  • health
• self-care  • life purpose • entrepreneurship  • authentic leadership

If you want to stand in your own power and have clarity about who you are and where you’re headed—if you want your life to originate from the truth of your inner Self, not from the dictates of society or other people’s expectations—I can help. 

I welcome, encourage and explore connecting to your intuition and inner guidance, challenging every nook and cranny of the status quo, and consciously creating your most courageous and Self-defined life. I’m a fierce role model—my life is dedicated to my own self-transformation. I live what I coach. To read more about my background, click here.

I work with individuals, small groups and couples (including business partners and parents/teens) in Chicago and the North Shore or anywhere by Skype or phone. I also specialize in teen coaching and coaching for conscious entrepreneurs. I warmly thank you for taking the time to visit my website.