I have no set length of time for meetings, but generally begin with an hour session. We’ll discuss a time frame in advance, allowing wiggle room for longer time if need be. You are “completely typical in that you are unique and what you need is unique.” 


In order to allow for coincidences, surprise happenings, the fluctuations of health, and all other human events, if we have scheduled a meeting, but it is not the right time for it, let me know as soon as you can and we will reschedule, no problem!  No harm, no foul, no cancellation fee. 

To make this policy easier for me, please make sure to both 1) call OR text 847-804-3200 and 2) e-mail (in case some form of technology fails). 

As much as possible I trust you’ll give me a day’s notice, or more, if you can. However, the entire purpose of coaching is to honor yourself. If you wake up feeling off and know in your bones it’s the wrong day to do inner work, please honor that. When you honor you, you honor me. Showing up physically, but not mentally, doesn’t honor either of us. 


I store all information electronically, identified only by initials.  No information will be sold or otherwise disclosed. 


If I ever say or do something that is upsetting or doesn’t feel right, please let me know. In IFS there is a saying, “When there is interpersonal conflict, it is usually a part. The trick is finding out if it is my part or your part.” I will never promise to be perfect. I only promise to do my best to take responsibility for my parts. When they show up in imperfect ways, I promise to make my best effort to acknowledge the truth and apologize without excuses

Contact between Sessions

Casual email contact—yes!
I’m open to answering short questions or reading email updates about how things are unfolding between sessions.
I welcome receiving occasional insights and journaling.

Emergency Questions or Sessions
For more extended or pressing questions or issues, I do my best to make time available.
My usual rates for a phone session or emailing/texting back and forth apply.

Casual phone contact—no
I enjoy offering sessions by phone. They are one of my main methods of coaching, so if phone sessions work for you, great!
 However, I do not offer casual phone contact between sessions.

If you have an issue you’d like to talk about on the phone, my usual rates apply, and can be pro-rated for the time we talk. I understand that sometimes a twenty minute talk can be helpful, and do my best to be available for phone sessions outside of our regularly scheduled sessions when needed. 

Running Late

If you're running late, you get a 'free pass' the first time. After that, despite starting later, I may still have to end on time. Thanks for understanding! 

Forms of Payment

  • cash

  • Chase QuickPay (847-804-3200)

  • Paypal (melissatutor@mac.com) or paypal.me/sandfort

  • check made out to Melissa Sandfort

  • credit card (+ 2.75% fee if the card can be swiped, or 3.5% fee if entered manually)

Other Modalities / Referrals

Coaching is not the only healing modality in the world, and it is not the best for everyone at all times.  At various times in my personal journey, I have worked with a wide variety of healers, and have also changed therapists and coaches a number of times along my way, as my needs evolved.

If issues come up that are beyond the scope of my abilities, I ask that you be honest about what you need. The journey of self-transformation has no set path, and to honor its deepest wisdom, I feel it is always better to follow one’s instincts. I’m always happy to recommend practitioners I know and trust.