Mineral Status And Psychological Wellbeing

How minerals can change your health and your life

No matter how much IFS you do, you can't fix EVERYTHING with it. (I wish!) While IFS has transformed my health in immeasurable ways, as I continue on my own healing journey, I have found I also need to address physical health directly as well.

One of the tools I use for this is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). This is simply a report of the minerals and metals in a small piece of hair that is sent to a lab and analyzed. It is a non-invasive, inexpensive, and accessible way to get a broad view of how the body is functioning.

I started tracking my mineral status in 2017. As I replenish depleted minerals, I find that I have more energy and better sleep. I have less aches and pains. Emotionally, I am more positive, calm and focused.

Although HTMA is a simple test, interpreting it is not. Sometimes minerals or metals are HIGH in the hair because they are not bio-available in the body: they are being excreted, or building up, instead of being metabolized correctly.

On the other hand, heavy metals may show up low in a hair test, which LOOKS like a good thing, but may actually be bad -- this may indicate the body is NOT excreting them well, and therefore the hair burden is low but the body burden is high. People often see low levels of toxic metals in the hair on a first test. That was the case with me.

As I started addressing my mineral deficits, my metabolism improved. As my metabolism improved, my body was able to start moving heavy metals out.  Arsenic went from .004 to .011 to .018.  I knew I had arsenic because I ate brown rice for over a decade. (Rice and chicken have high levels of arsenic contamination). I'm glad I'm finally beginning to get it out of me.

I began drinking water with silica, which is the top chelator of aluminum according to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and Dr. Christopher Exley. As I persist in drinking silica-rich water, my level of aluminum in each successive HTMA has almost doubled -- from .32, to .60, to 1.03 on my latest test. So although my numbers are coming UP, this is good news, because it probably means my body burden of aluminum is coming DOWN.

Mercury has been a roller coaster -- my first test it was .041, second: .027, third: .042. I'm hoping it's being chelated in waves!

I am pursuing continuing education in how to read hair tissue mineral analysis, so that I can help people use this non-invasive tool to track both their major minerals, as well as their toxic metals. In the future, I am hoping to offer hair tissue mineral analysis to clients, because heavy metals and mineral deficiencies can impact emotional health. I want to do everything I can to support people's highest functioning on all levels!

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